An Introduction

So this is an experiment. What sort of experiment you ask, well like any other experiment, the chances of failure are high and at this point, I do not even know, how to define success. So you might just say that it is a rather ill thought out experiment.

I am just a citizen, who feels that the narratives in my country are so polarized that they have almost a cartoonish quality to them. All semblance of nuance is lost and depending on which side of the political spectrum you lie on, you are painted over by a large coarse brush that firmly locks you into this made up ideological position that no one can escape from. So I suppose, this experiment is an attempt at self-discovery, I already know what I am not, I am not pseudo sickular left liberal nor am I a rightwing Bhakt. However, by rejecting these identities, I find myself at a loss and makes me realize how the need to fit into an online or real political identity can be so attractive.

So, my hope is that through these posts I am able to raise to the surface those invisible and unseens issues that logic and reason dictate, at least in my opinion, should be at the forefront of any debate in our highly polarized country and world, but are often ignored for inane talking points and straw man arguments that make my ear drums bleed during some prime time debates.

It’s highly likely that no one is reading this, and that is at some level disconcerting and in equal parts comforting. The same would apply if someone was actually reading this. But if you are, I welcome you and hope that reading these few words was not as much of a waste of time as some of the other things on this vast internet are. So with these rather hastily written and possibly disjointed words, i begin this journey and hope to have a proper post up soonish. Tally Ho!

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